Marvelous 3D

Brilliant Colors, Crystal Clarity, Realistic Depth

Marvel Digital is a pioneer in the autostereoscopic (or glasses-free) 3D industry.
In Hong Kong, we have established a research and development center to focus on advanced
autostereoscopic 3D technology development for different applications.

Our 3D technology is a proprietary combination of hardware, middle-ware and software perfect sync.
Our 4K3DPro achieves 6 times faster in 2D to 3D conversion compared to traditional methods.
*Traditional 2D-3D Conversion: 50 mins/month; 4K3DPro Super Workstation: 300-350mins/month
Our 3D content generation workflow combines both software automation and professional 3D artists’ analysis to maximize the lifelike result.

Integrated 4K3D Visualisation Solution

Digital Signage
(4K and 8K)
Provide 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 and 8K UHD 7680 x 4230 incomparable picture
CMS (Content
Management System)
Provide a complete and user-friendly interface
Cloud and Encryption
Cloud service with encryption technology ensure information and content secured online and able to be updated from different connected devices, anytime anywhere.
3D Conversion
Convert ordinary 2D content to 3D in different levels

High Performance 4K3D Display

Marvel Digital aims to achieve ever higher performance in 3D rendering,
to provide the best quality and immersive glasses-free 3D experience.

State-of-the-art autostereoscopic
3D rendering chip

We have designed our own autostereoscopic 3D rendering chip that includes most of our autostereoscopic 3D technologies. It supports real-time 2D-to-3D conversion functions to display glasses-free 3D from traditional 2D and stereoscopic (side-by-side) video.

These technologies can be applied to panels of nearly any type and size - ensuring consumers can enjoy a seamless 3D experience on devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to signage displays and video walls. The result is a state of the art display showing true 3D. No Glasses Required!

FPGA boards for 3D rendering

We have already developed 3 FPGA boards that support different functions for various applications such as autostereoscopic 3D digital signage, home theater displays and large scale TV walls. By using FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) in our development, we can achieve the rapid development cycles to integrate different design changes in this emerging technology.

Marvel Digital Conversion
Software & Service

Marvel Digital provides 3D content creation to meet different needs, such as for professional pre-production and post-production providers for films, television series, video commercials and digital media. Our services, such as Marvel Digital 4K3DPro, Marvel Digital 4KDRPro and Marvel Digital 3DCGPro, provide efficient and comprehensive solutions for visual enhancement.