z.l.i.c.e.3D V5.0

Visumotion z.l.i.c.e.3D is a professional video editing and compositing application, specially designed to work with multi-view 3D footage.


  • 2D-to-3D Conversion
  • Complete 2D+Depth workflow including Declipse
  • Shape/Line functions
  • Mathematical image functions

Visumotion Stereo Tools – Plug-in for z.l.i.c.e.3D

Visumotion Stereo Tools for z.l.i.c.e.3D is a collection of plug-ins and a powerful tool for converting two-view stereo footage into multi-view content for use with glasses-free 3D displays.


  • Support for high resolution, up to Ultra High-Definition (4K) video
  • Depth-Map creation for left and right views
  • Flicker mode with speed value for view comparisons, interpolation and extrapolation for up to 32 views
  • Camera rectification through calibration pattern footage

Visumotion 3D Stereo Camera-Plug-ins for 3DS-MAX® and MAYA®

Visumotion 3D Stereo Camera Plug-ins enhance the well-known 3D animation packages Autodesk 3D Studio MAX® and MAYA® with mature stereo rendering capabilities.


  • 3D planes concept, simple control of stereo effects
  • Stereo effect animation
  • Real-time 3D preview on secondary 3D displays
  • Rendering of multiple views, support for all standard file formats
  • Rendering of 2D+Depth file format, including occlusion layers